Monday, September 3, 2007

Picklefest 2007!

364 jars!!! More to come.

Dills, Pat's, and sweets were only the beginning

Packing the green beans. Now there's a way to keep them from sticking out above the rim of the jar.

The potmaster at work! Yes, that steam burns, but he's tough! If you're going to try this at home, you might want to wear shoes and gloves.

Salsa, carrots, beets, and more dills -- and this is only the second plywood landing.

Nearing the finish line... The beans have been in for processing, and we've started on our third landing platform.

And last, but not least -- or should I say butt not least? Yes, that sweet relish was the end of the run and that is 364 jars total. If you're doing a booty shakin' dance in celebration, you have to know you're going to make the blog...

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